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  1.   I Hate My 30s: Episode 1 Extras

    Watch exclusive deleted scenes and cast commentary of I Hate My 30's here!

    Air Date: 7/26/07

  2.   I Hate My 30s: I Have to Go #30

    Sneak the premiere episode of the crazy new comedy that proves life doesn't end at 30, it just gets worse.

    Air Date: 7/16/07

  3.   I Hate My 30's: New Series Preview

    Preview VH1's irreverent new comedy, premiering July 26th and sneak the entire first episode on VSPOT July 16th.

    Air Date: 7/09/07

Full Episode Summary

Carol's anxiety over her impending 30th birthday goes into overdrive when Vicki's younger friends crash her party. An extremely personal birthday gift from Chad only serves to complicate the matter.