Ep Type Title Date
  108  Bonus Clips  I Hate My 30s: Episode 8 Extras 9/13/07 
  108  Show Clips  I Hate My 30s: Between a Rock & a Cyberspace 9/10/07 
  107  Bonus Clips  I Hate My 30s: Episode 7 Extras 9/06/07 
  107  Full Episode  I Hate My 30s: Promotion Commotion... FULL 9/03/07 
  106  Bonus Clips  I Hate My 30s: Episode 6 Extras 8/30/07 

About I Hate My 30s

"I Hate My 30's" is an irreverent comedy about the unique dilemmas that come from leaving your twenties behind and facing the realities and responsibilities of the next phase of life. Making a Living vs. Living the Dream; Settling Down vs. Hooking Up; Raising Kids vs. Raising Hell - such are the timeless conflicts for thirty-something's, and while the endless onslaught of pop psychology and hot technology is intended to make life easier, it's actually adding to the confusion. Think of it as a shot of old fashioned advice on the rocks of validation... with an irony chaser.

Each episode takes a widely identifiable cultural phenomenon and approaches it through the skewed (and occasionally ridiculous) perspective of our characters. The work place serves as a convenient spot for our gang to interact, but we spend just as much time exploring their extracurricular activities and private lives. Each episode will deal with and resolve a specific issue but certain character-driven plots will become through-lines for the entire season.

Dr. Rod, our unflappable guide, will introduce each episode and the specific issue to be tackled therein. While tonally different than the After School Specials of yesteryear, this show has a similar purpose: TV as a tool for living. The comedic tone comes from the absurd handling of relatable problems, matched with clever observation of the contemporary landscape. References to retro-storytelling will be minimal but maybe gratifying as occasional winks to the audience in the know.

As Dr. Rod would say, "I Hate My 30's is about growing up, growing in, and growing over your youth like a scab. It's about watching your best friend totally obliterate his best chance at happiness and then making the same mistake yourself. And above all it demonstrates that, while life does indeed suck balls, at least it only gets worse."

You may not learn much from "I Hate My 30's," but you're sure to laugh at the misfortune of your friends as they're devastated by the realization that the life they've imagined is but a faint and fading dream slowly escaping their reach as they sink deeper and deeper into the quicksand of real-life.