1. Danny BonaduceDanny Bonaduce

    Perhaps best known for his role on the classic 70's series The Partridge Family, Danny Bonaduce's show business career began at the age of four when he appeared in his first commercial. His father was a comedic writer and for the next several years, Bonaduce appeared in many of his shows, including The Dick Van Dyke Show and All in the Family. At the age of 10, he attained the role of Danny Partridge - a role that unwittingly enabled him to showcase his talents and entertain television viewers for generations to come.

    Bonaduce's other television credits include guest starring roles in a variety of television series from Eight is Enough and That 70's Show to Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and The Drew Carey Show. In 1999, Bonaduce served as producer and consultant for the television movie Come on Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story, a behind the scenes look at the trials and tribulations of his young life on the series.

    Although Bonaduce has graced the television screen for years, his radio career has also thrived. His began his radio career at WEGX-FM in Philadelphia and hosted the morning shows at Detroit's WKQI-FM and New York's WTJM-FM.

    Currently, Bonaduce serves as co-host of the highly rated morning drive show "The Jamie and Danny Show" at KYSR-FM in Los Angeles. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Gretchen and their two children, Countess Isabella, 10, and Count Dante, 4.

  2. Pamela and Mary JoPamela and Mary Jo

    Pamela works part-time as a medical sales rep and also refers to herself as Mary Jo's assistant. With her teased blonde hair, Pamela calls herself a country girl in big city and says she didn't know how to hail a cab when she first arrived in NY.

  3. Melissa and HaleyMelissa and Haley

    Melissa is a single, rocker chick mom, singer, actress and stuntwoman who has put her career "on hold" for her daughter's career. Haley takes after her mom and has a rocker style in wardrobe and attitude.

  4. Sandy and GianSandy and Gian

    Sandy is a proud and loving mother who can't get enough of her dancing son. She is an outspoken woman and won't hesitate to critique or applaud Gian's performances.

  5. Kevin and DevonKevin and Devon

    Real estate agent by day, rock star by night, Kevin is the ultimate cool dad! Devon's goal is to be a superstar when she grows up. She loves attention, red carpets, cameras, autographs, and the limelight...much like her dad.

  6. Gigi and AlaiGigi and Alai

    Gigi is an accomplished dancer and will do anything for her daughter to make it in the entertainment industry. As a team, they have crashed auditions, callbacks, and even befriended the competition.

  7. Shannon and McKenzieShannon and McKenzie

    Growing up, Shannon held the title of Little Miss Baton Rouge, Teen Miss Baton Rouge, Miss Baton Rouge, and Miss Louisiana 1993. She has very high hopes for her daughter, and isn't afraid to speak her mind.

  8. Helene and CheyenneHelene and Cheyenne

    Helene is a former actress who gave up her career to help her daughter pursue her own. She's loud, aggressive, and will stand up for what she believes in. Cheyenne couldn't imagine her life without this business and her one goal in life is to be a successful child star.

  9. Lisia and HayleyLisia and Hayley

    When it comes to practicing her talents, Lisia gives Hayley constructive advice but is never critical or mean. Lisia drives Hayley to all her auditions and says the interaction with other parents has always been very positive.

  10. Shari and CameronShari and Cameron

    Shari is a self admitted stage mom who can be extremely competitive, at times, especially when it comes to her son. Cameron claims he got into performing was because he thought, "it would be a good way to meet chicks."