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  1.   Full Series Premiere!

    Dancers, singers, actors...and stage-crazed parents! Watch the sneak premiere of VH1's new reality competition!

    Air Date: 3/12/08

  2.   Episode 1 Bonus Clips

    Get more drama and a behind-the-scenes look at the teams as they settle into the competition in these extras!

    Air Date: 3/20/08

Full Episode Summary

The ten parent/child teams arrive at their new home. Our host, Danny greets them and prepares them for the contest. The children's challenge for this episode will be for the children to perform their previously prepared acts for Danny. The children, aiding by their stage parents, practice their individual singing, dancing and instrumental performances. Ready to shine, the children perform their acts for Danny and he gives friendly feedback to each child.

The teams have been led to believe that this contest is about the children and their potential to be child stars. But Danny reveals that the parents also will be included in the competition since they are just as important to success as their children's talent. Our teams learn that they will both be judged on their "Hollywood" talents and skills.

Next, the parents will face their own challenge. Each parent is given 10 minutes to prepare to meet and be grilled by Hollywood talent manager, Marki Costello. The parents are going to need to be prepared to help their children attain success. Hollywood is a business and these parents are going to need to understand that business. Some of the parents are truly clueless and don't know SAG from AFTRA and others are more business savvy. Marki lets all the parents know they have a lot to learn.

Our parents rejoin their children and discuss their challenges. Parent personality clashes are already apparent. That evening the anxious teams are brought to the stage to face elimination. Danny recaps the talents and mistakes of each team and eliminates one team who is just not up to the real challenges of Hollywood. The eliminated team packs their bags and heads home. They give their thoughts about their elimination on the drive home.