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  1.   I Know My Kids A Star | Episode 102 | Bonus Clips

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    Air Date: 3/27/08

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    Air Date: 3/27/08

Full Episode Summary

The remaining teams reassemble to meet Danny after the last elimination to figure out how they must change to win the competition. The next morning our host, Danny takes the parents on a bus tour of previous Hollywood child star's missteps of drugs, drunk driving and death. Danny has also toured pretty much all these missteps personally but the parents are undeterred, and convinced that their children will not make similar mistakes.

The teams receive packets explaining the details of the next challenge and a script. This episode's children's challenge is to give voice and character to a cartoon fly. The teams are provided with one video camera to assist in assessing their audition practice. The parent's challenge is to successfully coach their children and work well with the other parents. Conflicts arise between teams over sharing the video camera. Conflicts between parents and their child increase as their stresses increase due to the challenge of creating a voice character and the challenge of working with each other.

Our teams are ready for their audition and assemble at the recording studio. The cartoon's creators: Jeff Steinberg and Joe Boba, our Hollywood talent manager, Marki Costello and Danny will select a team to be granted immunity from elimination. The teams are allowed to watch each child's audition on a monitor. Prior to their audition, each child receives direction from the cartoon's creators. Each child performs with their parents by their side and the cartoon on the screen. Our judges critique the both the child and the parents on their performances and select their favorite team.

The teams return to the house and the parents discuss the earlier bus tour and pitfalls of stardom. The opinionated parents heatedly critique and discuss the afternoon's performances. The parents return for candid commentary from Danny and Marki without the children present. The parents are reminded that their children's success rests on their ability to manage their children and Marki and Danny critique them. The parents don't like all the things they hear about themselves or their children. With Marki's job complete, she leaves the shaken parents.

The children now join their parents on stage. Danny excuses the team with immunity from the stage and selects other teams as safe from elimination. The nervous teams each receive notes from Danny before one team is eliminated. The eliminated team packs up and leaves the house. The eliminated team gives their comments about their experience as they are driven home.