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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Danny and Marki share more Hollywood horror stories and Rocky spins out of control in these killer extras!

    Air Date: 4/03/08

  2.   Episode 3 Show Clips

    The kids and stage moms test their acting chops in front of a real film crew! Watch the episode highlights!

    Air Date: 4/03/08

  3.   Episode 3 Sneak Peek

    Catch a preview of Thursday's show and see how the parents and kids strategize for the next competition.

    Air Date: 4/02/08

Full Episode Summary

Parents reel from the last elimination and discuss their team's performances at the last challenge. The next morning Danny, Marki and announce the next challenge on the set of a horror movie mansion. The children's challenge will be a film screen test for a horror movie. The parent's challenge is to coach their children and negotiate with each other while working with another team with professionalism and tact. Each team was paired by the producers with another team. The script has one part much larger than the other to heighten conflict between the teams.

Each team received blocking and instructions and from the director before performing the scene. Marki, Danny, and director, Mike Fifer confer and choose the team safe from elimination. The teams assemble to receive their feedback from the judges and to learn who would be safe from elimination based on the children's performance.

The teams return to the house and the parents to discuss the last challenge. These intense parents are starting to plot each others demise. It's getting very personal between them. Tension in the house is rising. The stress is affecting all of them and they are taking it out on each other.

The elimination starts with just the parents receiving their feedback from Danny and Marki. Parents share their thoughts with Danny and Marki about the challenges of working with other stage parents and the tension in the house. Marki leaves Danny to make his decision and the children join their parents at the elimination. Several teams are chosen as safe before Danny gives further feedback to the teams and announces the eliminated team. The eliminated team leaves and gives their final thoughts on the ride home from the house.