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  1.   Episode 4 Bonus Clips

    Want more behind the scenes battles or industry advice from Danny and Marki? Watch these extras!

    Air Date: 4/10/08

  2.   Episode 4 Show Clips

    As the household shrinks, the teams show off their photography and dancing skills! Check out the highlights!

    Air Date: 4/10/08

Full Episode Summary

The remaining seven teams return to the house post-elimination, and the parents discuss the elimination with their children. Danny arrives at the house to give the parents their challenge. They are to shoot and select a head shot for child. They will be given two hours and three cameras between the seven teams to take the best head shot they can. Of course, the parents fight over cameras and the personality clashes abound. Parents have trouble working with their children and sometimes even working the camera.

Parents present their choice of head shot to Danny and Marki. They are told that they need to communicate their child's image and "brand" their child with the photos. The winner will get extra help for the children's challenge. Danny brings in the children to get their next challenge and announces who won the best head shot challenge.

The children's challenge is dance audition for a shoe commercial. The choreographer shows the children their steps and spends extra time with the team that won the parent challenge. The parents practice with their children to get them ready for their audition.

One by one the children audition for a casting director and show their dance skills. Each child receives a critique of their performance from the casting director. The judges (choreographer, casting director, Marki and Danny) announce their choice of winner for this challenge.

The teams return to the house and the parents discuss the kid's performances at the last challenge. Some parents are in tears while others offer support. Parents are all cracking under the pressure of competition and sharing a house with teams of very different family cultures and parenting styles.

The parents go to the elimination for their comments from Marki and Danny and give their thoughts on their child's challenge performance. Marki leaves the stage and the children are brought out for final comments from Danny and elimination. Danny chooses several teams as safe before giving his comments to the remaining teams. A team is eliminated and gives their final thoughts on the competition on the drive home.