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  1.   Episode 5 Bonus Clips

    Get more of Danny, Marki, and Oliver Twist in these extras! Check it out!

    Air Date: 4/17/08

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    Time to test out the kids' acting chops, but will their parents stand in the way? Watch the highlights here!

    Air Date: 4/17/08

Full Episode Summary

Six teams are left and they mourn or jump for joy the loss of the last team. The previous four weeks have taken their toll on the teams and pressures continue to mount. The parents try to prepare their kids for the coming challenges.

Danny gives the teams the next children's challenge of styling their child for the next audition. The parents were given $40 and taken to a thrift store; so they could put together a costume for the audition in only twenty minutes. While their parents shop, Danny gives the children their challenge: an audition for a stage version of Oliver Twist. The kids are given their scripts and told to prepare on their own. Some kids decided to critique each other and practice together while other s work alone. The kids are happy, confident and enjoy each other while they prepare.

The stage parents come home to coach their children. Conflict between parents and children erupt immediately. The parents are hard on the children's performances. The children are trying to get it right but few of the parents are satisfied. Danny explains that part of the parent's challenge is to push the children to success without pushing over them over the edge. Most teams are melting down.

Parents dress their children in the costumes they bought. Joel Golde, a dialect coach shows the children a cockney accent and gives them a cheat sheet to help them study their accents. The children continue to rehearse with their parents.

Each child auditions for Katherine Staud, the casting director for Hannah Montana, Joel, the dialect coach, Danny and Marki. The panel takes off the kid gloves in giving their feedback to the children. The children had more trouble with this challenge. The winning child is the same child who has won three of the challenges of five challenges creating jealousy in the other teams.

The parent's discuss their own shortcomings and their children's performances with their children and with each other. The parents gather their challenge comments from Danny and Marki. Many of the comments do not sit well with the parents. Marki is excused and the children come to the stage. Danny selects some teams as safe this round and holds other teams for further comments before announcing within team is eliminated. The eliminated team goes home with class and comments about their experience.