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  1.   I Know My Kids A Star | Episode 106 | Bonus Clips

    Watch more stage mom chaos and backstabbing competition in these exclusive extras!

    Air Date: 4/24/08

  2.   I Know My Kids A Star | Episode 106 | Highlights

    The drama never subsides, especially when the kids act in a scene from a soap opera! Check out the highlights!

    Air Date: 4/24/08

Full Episode Summary

This time the remaining teams will decide which team will be safe from elimination. The parents and children discuss the previous elimination and how they can each improve in order to stay in the contest. The next challenge is given to the five teams. The teams will be auditioning for a soap opera with a soap star. The competition is changing this week. This week the teams rather than the challenge judges will vote to decide who is safe from elimination.

The parents work with their children to learn their lines and prepare for the audition. Parents are trying to integrate the advice that they have received from Danny and Marki. Some are more successful than others. The scheming begins as the parent's start to plot who they are going to vote for as safe from elimination.

The teams arrive on the soap set and are instructed to get their children through hair, make up and wardrobe. The kids each perform a dramatic scene with a soap star. The parents are sitting on the judging panel with Danny and Marki this time. Marki and Danny give their comments.

The parents vote for the team who will get immunity and are asked to justify their choice. One parent decides to go back on a promise and votes like a game player. The safe team is chosen. After leaving the set, the parents discuss what happened at the vote. The winning parent feels betrayed by a friend regardless of the win.

The parents are brought to the stage to receive comments from Danny and Marki. Marki leaves and the children are brought in to find out who will be eliminated this week. Danny doesn't select any safe teams this week and gives further comments to all of the remaining teams. The eliminated team is announced and leaves the house with their closing comments about the show.