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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    Tune in to watch extras from this week's episode and see a side of Danny that doesn't make it on the show!

    Air Date: 5/01/08

  2.   Episode 7 Show Clips

    The mother/daughter duos hit the airwaves and host a mock TV show! Check out these highlights.

    Air Date: 5/01/08

Full Episode Summary

Early in the morning, Danny sneaks into the house to wake up the teams and gives them one hour to get ready for the day. They have no idea what the day will bring. This week's parents challenge to manage their children's persona. The children's challenge is a live group radio interview by Danny. Danny is going to interview the parents first. The parents are supposed to take what they learn from Danny to coach their children for their interview.

The stage moms bring their claws to the interview and very personally bash each other and each other's children in response to Danny's provocative questions. Next, the moms were given 15 minutes to prepare their children for their live interview with Danny. Danny is looking for the best radio guest. The kids give a group interview. The children compete for air time while trying to promote themselves.

The parents discuss the interview performances of their children. The plotting continues between the moms. As the competition continues, the bad behavior of the parents gets more intense and fights break out between the moms.

Marki and Danny arrive at the house to announce an additional challenge. This time the children are going to audition to be a television host. The children will need to show their personalities while reading cue cards. They are encouraged to be themselves! The teams have nine minutes to prepare for this challenge. The parents try to teach their children what they need for this challenge.

Each child reads the cue cards for Marki and Danny who are videotaping them. Marki and Danny give some feedback to each child after their performance and then discuss each performance. More spite is exchanged between the parents after the challenge.

The four remaining parents are ready to rumble at the elimination. Danny and Marki give parents their critiques to the parents. Marki encourages the parents to discuss what is happening at the house. Verbal violence erupts on between two of the very intense parents. Danny selects two of the teams as safe from elimination. Danny gives his thoughts to the two remaining teams and eliminates one of them. The eliminated team drives home and gives their final comments. Danny promises that the final challenge will be the most difficult one.