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  1.   Episode 8 Bonus Clips

    Catch up with our three finalists to hear what they've been doing since their time on the show!

    Air Date: 5/08/08

  2.   Finale

    After weeks of preparation, the top kids are ready to show their talent for $50,000. Watch and see who wins!

    Air Date: 5/08/08

  3.   Greatest Stage Mama Drama!

    Watch highlights from the past season and catch up with all the kids.

    Air Date: 5/06/08

Full Episode Summary

This episode picks up directly from the final elimination stage where we left off from the previous episode. Danny announces that this challenge is going to be a tough one for the three remaining teams. The children's challenge will have them performing in a showcase for a live audience. The parent's challenge will be to produce that showcase. The kids will need to have the wardrobe, look and talent that shows they are undeniably a child star. The parents are going to have to know how to brand, market, and sell their child as a star. This time Marki will play consultant to the three teams in order to help them with the challenge of creating a brand for their child. Finally, Danny announces that of the three teams only two will be competing in the final challenge. Danny will choose the two teams to compete based on their performance on the parent challenge.

Back at the house, the teams discuss the upcoming challenge and the last challenge results. Each parent and child gives individual interviews.

Marki gives the parents a pep talk on branding their child and has brought in a stylist in to help. Each parent meets with the stylist who gives them ideas on how to create an image for their child. Next Marki meets with each parent to give further assistance on the strategy. The girls are all brought to wardrobe to get their clothing options from the stylist that will further cement the image they are trying to create. The moms really don't care for any of the choices given to them by the stylist but try to make it work.

The teams are now brought to Danny and Marki to be judged on how their look represents the brand they are trying to project. Marki and Danny give their feedback on how well the parents did in creating a look for their daughters. Danny announces which team is not ready for Hollywood and sends one of the teams packing. The eliminated team gives their thoughts about the competition as they leave Hollywood.

The two remaining teams face their next challenge of preparing an acting scene and a song to sing for the final challenge. They have just 24 hours. Both teams were provided a list of songs but they can't choose the same song. Both girls choose the same song. They flip a coin to decide who gets the song. The losing mom gets mad and lashes out on what she perceives an unfair advantage. The winning child tries to soothe the other team's feelings.

The next morning the two teams arrive at the theater where they will be performing their showcase. All four are in good spirits and seem to have gotten over their problems, as they look around the theater and dressing rooms. The moms dress and make up their stars and give their girls a pep talk and a prayer. The audience is ready for the show. Both teams are introduced to the audience. The first finalist takes the stage to perform her song while her mom watches from the wings. She gets feedback from Marki and Danny before leaving the stage. The second finalist performs her song and gets her feedback Marki and Danny. Both girls have performed very well.

The next part of the competition has both girls performing a scene together. It's obvious that the girls have become good friends as well as competitors as they go into the final competition. Marki and Danny give their critiques and Danny prepares to make his final decision.

We see backstage nerves and worries about who is going to win. Both teams return to the stage. Danny explains that his decision is based on both the parents abilities and the child's talents. Danny explains how he reached his decision. We see clips from past shows illustrating Danny's comments. Danny was looking for the best manager, talented child and the best parenting. Danny announces who he thinks has the ability to be the next child star. Backstage, we see tears of both happiness and disappointment. Each parent gives their comments about the result of the competition.