Ep Type Title Date
  108  Show Clips  Finale 5/08/08 
  108  Bonus Clips  Episode 8 Bonus Clips 5/08/08 
  108  Show Clips  Greatest Stage Mama Drama! 5/06/08 
  107  Bonus Clips  Episode 7 Bonus Clips 5/01/08 
  107  Show Clips  Episode 7 Show Clips 5/01/08 

About I Know My Kids A Star

Ten child/parent teams from all across the country compete to win a chance to meet casting agents, Hollywood insiders, receive national television exposure, and $50,000 in prize money. Our host is Danny Bonaduce, a former child actor who has seen both of the positive and negative effects for being a child star. In each episode, the children compete against each other in a series of challenges designed to give them a chance to showcase the talents that are required for success as a child performer in Hollywood. The parents will also be competing against each other to prove they have the skills to be the manager and mentor of these talented children and help them successfully navigate the pitfalls that often beset child stars. The parents and children are judged as a team. Marki Costello, a Hollywood talent manager, bluntly and critically judges the parent's performance as managers of their children. Conflicts arise due to the pressure of competition and the stress of sharing a house with the other children and their very intense stage parents. Each week, one parent/child team is eliminated by Danny from the house they will be sharing for the duration of the show.