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  1.   Episode 1 Bonus Clips

    Check out crazy cursing sprees and frisky bed bugs in these bonus scenes from the premiere episode of I Love Money!

    Air Date: 7/06/08

  2.   A Very 'Short Trip' Show Clips

    They may have lost at love but these celebreality stars are ready to win money! Check out the premiere!

    Air Date: 7/06/08

Full Episode Summary

Unable to win love in their previous ventures, this group of All Star misfits, is being given the chance to win something else $250,000! After settling into their beach front mansion, the contestants are told to strip down to their skivvies and hop into a money booth, where the two people that grab the most money will become captains. Those captains will be forced to pick the teams that will be set for the competitions to come. But with only 16 team slots, the string of bad luck will continue for one cast-off and they will be sent packing.