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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Check out bonus scenes and outtakes to see extended Mr. Boston hijinx and porn confessions.

    Air Date: 7/20/08

  2.   Heat's a Crowd Show Clips

    Love is in the air when kissing is the main challenge and Entertainer sees his in with Destiny but will Heat fight for his girl?

    Air Date: 7/20/08

Full Episode Summary

Both teams have to pair themselves off into couples for a challenge that is not what it appears to be. Tempers erupt when a will-he or won't-he do it moment could destroy one team's chance for victory. Later, shifting romances awaken the green-eyed monster of jealousy, plunging the teams into chaos and putting a certain troublemaker at risk for going home. The Paymaster must decide whether to make the logical choice of sending home a dangerous competitor or give into his emotions and send home his romantic rival.