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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    Watch 12 Pack's birthday celebration, brawls and more drama than you can handle!

    Air Date: 8/17/08

  2.   The Good, the Bad and the Confused? Show Clips

    Will multiple alliances find one competitor in hot water or ahead of the game? Watch!

    Air Date: 8/17/08

Full Episode Summary

It¹s tense in the house as the 11 remaining players shift alliances and plot new strategies. The alliance that once seemed the strongest is now the most vulnerable and unsure of who to trust, especially when one of it¹s own members continues to play both sides of the fence. At the challenge, the teams must race their way around the town square eating worldly cuisine. When a cunning Paymaster gets in control, the alliances brace themselves, and one individual will find out if playing both sides will pay off or get them a free ticket out of Mexico.