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  1.   Episode 8 Bonus Clips

    Watch these bonus scenes for more back-stabbing, spitting and turkeys!

    Air Date: 8/24/08

  2.   Watch Your Back Show Clips

    It's every man for himself now! Let the backstabbing begin!

    Air Date: 8/24/08

Full Episode Summary

At the last elimination the remaining ten were told there are no more teams: From this point on it will be individual challenges! With this new twist, it becomes clear that alliances are more important than ever. Everyone wants to ensure that someone has their back and after today¹s challenge, that won¹t be hard to figure out. All ten players will come face to face with their biggest competitors and their true loyalties will be exposed. After a surprise victory, an unforeseen player becomes Paymaster and leaves the house in a frenzy. While some players feel safer than ever, others scramble to secure their spot. The Paymaster is faced with opposing offers, all of which could change the course of the entire game. But after one of the most shocking eliminations yet, backstabbing takes on a whole new meaning when a final knife is thrown, this time into a friend¹s back.