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  1.   Episode 10 Bonus Clips

    Check out these bonus scenes to see more of this week's ridiculous fights, truth or dare and proposals!

    Air Date: 9/14/08

  2.   Pole Riders in the Sky Show Clips

    It's no secret that these VH1 stars know how to work the pole. Find out how they'll use their skills in this week's challenge!

    Air Date: 9/14/08

Full Episode Summary

It gets more intense as the 8 remaining money lovers find out that the loser of the next challenge will be eliminated on the spot. Clinging to stripper poles for dear life, one will triumph and become Paymaster, but one will walk away wet and penniless. With a second elimination looming, desperate times call for desperate measures. Backstabbing, food fighting, and a dash of romance collide in one of the most exciting and bizarre episodes yet.