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  1.   Epsidoe 11 Bonus Clips

    Things heat up for our money grubbers in Mexico! Take a look at these bonus scenes.

    Air Date: 9/21/08

  2.   A Real Dilemma Show Clips

    Find out what happens with impromptu proposals, backstabbing drama and boozing!

    Air Date: 9/21/08

Full Episode Summary

When one player shockingly quits the show, the remaining money lovers must go back in the vault to vote someone else in the box. Yet another check is voided and now there are only five people left in the house. For the players, trying to keep their eyes on the prize becomes harder than they thought when they are faced with a grueling challenge; The Booze You Lose Challenge. The winner¹s glory is short-lived, after a marriage proposal throws everything upside down and puts friendships on the line. One player searches for answers and a shocking discovery changes everything in the house. Secrets are revealed, relationships are broken and soon no one can be trusted.