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  1.   Season Recap with C.J. Jackson

    Check out C.J. Jackson's hilarious episode by episode commentary and take a look back at highlights from the series so far.

    Air Date: 9/28/08

Full Episode Summary

The four remaining players compete for the final paymaster position in the scariest, high-flying challenge yet. Set above the enormous cliffs of Huatulco, the finalists go all out while their hearts beat out of their chests. Later, the house erupts as contestants make their final pleas to stay in the game. The paymaster faces the most difficult decision so far; one that will test the strongest alliance in the game and potentially end a friendship forever. After an elimination ceremony, the final three must stand before a jury of their peers, a jury that will ultimately decide which two players will compete for the cash in the final challenge. Then, in an exciting, neck and neck race all throughout Mexico, the two finalists battle it out and lay everything on the line for a quarter of a million dollars.