1. Becky's back and says she wants to win I Love Money 2 to pay her mom back for court and attorney fees. In her non-reality TV life she does stand up comedy and goes by the stage name "White Kool Aid."

  2. For fashion, Kwame likes to sport an army helmet. He also has a desire to teach -- he once worked at a day care center and hopes to some day become a speech therapist.

  3. Amanda's on-air DJ name is "Paris" because people say she looks like Paris Hilton. You'd never guess she was actually a punk rocker in school. She's a blond bombshell that considers her self "real."

  4. 34 years old and still living at home with his parents, Frank likes to play the guitar and make up songs. Frank's motives for winning the second season of I Love Money are the same as the first time around -- to get out of his parents' house!

  5. This winner of the first season of "Charm School" has done well for herself, having started a successful online business featuring her own brand of "Lip Chap" and Indian hair weave. Saaphyri's been braiding hair since she was 9 years old.

  6. Has a cosmetology license and is a hairstylist. MC's at a night club and also for a male review. 20 Pack goes to the gym at least 3 times a week, but loves fast food.

  7. Tamara has a heart tattoo on her shoulder and currently works as a model. She wants to win 'I Love Money 2' to buy herself a house boat. She is 24 years old.

  8. Kevin is the CEO and Founder of an internet company and he owns homes in both LA and NY. He has a charitable heart and wants to start a financial assistance program in "the hood".

  9. To get around Mercedes likes to wear "Heelies" -- sneakers with wheels. She claims to be a "dork" who is funniest when she's drunk. Her mom is a reverend.

  10. Is a personal trainer, actor, model and life coach. Wants to start a youth outreach program called Buddha's Boys. Considers himself the biggest competition on this season of 'I Love Money'.

  11. Leilene was raised on a farm in the Philippines, selling tomatoes and fishing for frogs. She's attended the National Ballet School and is a single mom hoping to win 'I Love Money' for her kids.

  12. Calls herself a "tomboy" stuck in a "Barbie body." She is extremely proud of her multi-ethnic background -- Bahamian, Indian and Caucasian. Talks a mile a minute and always likes to get the last word in.

  13. If he's the winner of 'I Love Money 2' Bonez plans to give 10% of
    the cash to his church. He's a wedding DJ and once was a contestant on Blind Date.

  14. Cali's influences growing up were music and her 3 older brothers. She's a make-up artist by profession and says she doesn't mind being the designated driver when hanging out with friends.

  15. Heat moved to Spain at the age of 10 with his parents. Recently, he started his own clothing line -- Caliente. He's been acting since he was 18.

  16. Angelique is a native of France and feels most comfortable without clothes on. Her most famous quote is "Money is great, but love doesn't have a price!"

  17. Milf grew up on the White Earth Indian Reservation in Minneapolis. She's performed in fitness modeling competitions and still models occasionally. She is a single mom who still finds time to work out every day.

  18. Onyx works as a corporate recruiter by day and says he has trouble keeping his mouth shut. He grew up with a father who was a preacher.

  19. Tailor Made takes great pride in his appearance and believes in the importance of good skin care. He loves to be pampered and loves to shower his special lady with expensive gifts.