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  1.   Episode 12 Bonus Clips

    Check out these wild and crazy bonus scenes from I Love Money 2!

    Air Date: 4/20/09

  2.   Can You Hang? Show Clips

    Watch and see who shakes up the competition and finally becomes paymaster!

    Air Date: 4/20/09

Full Episode Summary

With only seven players left in the house, the ruling alliance is confident that they're in control of game and will now pick off the opposition at will. However, when none of them can cling to their life preserver long enough during the "Hang On Flav" Challenge, their plan is shut down. The entire coalition is thrown into turmoil, as they must decide whom, from their trusted group, to put up for elimination. Allegiances change at lightning speed as former team members turn on each other to keep themselves in the running. No one is safe and no alliance solid in this tumultuous episode.