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  1.   I Love Money | Episode 214 | Bonus Clips

    Check out these hysterical bonus clips from the finale of I Love Money 2!

    Air Date: 5/04/09

  2.   I Love Money | Episode 214 | Highlights

    Check out these show clips to see the final five duke it out for a quarter of a million dollars!

    Air Date: 5/04/09

Full Episode Summary

The remaining five contestants head into the final competitions for all the marbles. The players must lose all their inhibitions, especially their fear of heights, if they don't want to fall short in the first challenge. But it is the final event that will test all their strength, stamina, and brains. Alliances will do no good here. It's every man or woman for them self, and only one person will walk away with the $250,000.