Ep Type Title Date
  215  Misc.  Watch The Craziest Moments of Season 2! 5/15/09 
  215  Show Clips  Reunion Show Clips 5/13/09 
  214  Bonus Clips  Finale Bonus Clips 5/04/09 
  214  Show Clips  Finale Show Clips 5/04/09 
  213  Bonus Clips  Episode 13 Bonus Clips 4/27/09 


  1. Date: 5/10/09

    Four months ago 18 reality show veterans waded ashore in Sunny Mexico for a chance to win $250,000. Now they return to our stage to discuss the alliances and conflicts; romances and breakups; and...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 5/4/09

    The remaining five contestants head into the final competitions for all the marbles. The final event will test all their strength, stamina, and brains.

  3. Date: 4/27/09

    Only six players remain in the house. The cast must battle it out in their strangest reality challenge yet: an obstacle course in which they must don gigantic fake boobs.


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About I Love Money | Season 2

Over the past three years 100 plus young men and women have competed on eight record-breaking VH1 shows (Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Rock of Love and Real Chance of Love). All of them were on a quest to find true love. Unfortunately, very few of them found it. Now, the show that gave reality's biggest love seekers a chance to win something else (a large sum of money), is back!

"I Love Money 2" gives 17 new, wild and crazy, All-Star cast members from these "of Love" series, the chance to battle it out for a quarter of a million dollars. Last time most of these cast members competed it was for the heart of Bret Michaels, New York, Flavor Flav, Real or Chance, but on "I Love Money" the stakes are arguably higher - and definitely "greener" so the competition will be fiercer than it has ever been.

The cast (made up of favorites like Tailor Made, Buddha, Becky Buckwild, Saaphyri, Frenchy, and "I Love Money: Season 1" veterans Heat and The Entertainer) will pack their bags and head to Beautiful Huatulco, Mexico. It is here in this exotic, tropical location that the will live together while competing against each other. Each hour-long episode will include an outrageous challenge, inspired by some of the most famous and iconic moments from the "of Love" shows. From battling with giant boxing gloves in a ring, suspended high above the ocean, to competing in a Big Boob Triathlon, to diving in an enormous mud pit in search of gold coins, the action and insanity is like never seen before.

Back again to guide these money hungry contestants is host Craig J. Jackson (X-show, 30 Seconds to Fame). However it is not Craig that decides who goes home -- the power is in the contestants' own hands. Specifically, each episode gives a single cast member the power of ultimately deciding who is eliminated. Alliances will be made and broken. Friendships will be formed and shattered. And, once again, love interests will spark up and burn out faster than a match, under the powerful lure of money. It will be a true, cutthroat competition as cast members sharpen their backstabbing skills in the fight for their fortune.

It's the cast of eight record-breaking shows rolled into one. It's the audience of eight recording-breaking shows tuning in. It's the hysterical; envelope-pushing content America's come to love. And it's a concept designed to give the biggest characters the biggest challenge of their lives with the ultimate prize -- Money!