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  1.   Episode 5 Bonus Clips

    Check out Goldie's Golden Nugget, hilarious extras, and bonus scenes you didn't see on TV!

    Air Date: 2/12/07

  2.   Who's Got Game Show Clips

    New York puts the men on the court to find out who makes the cut and who's a chump. Watch the "Wicked Short."

    Air Date: 2/12/07

Full Episode Summary

New York is down to her "lucky 7" and wants to know which guys have skills on the court -- she's lookin for a baller. She invites her friend Tamara Moore from the WNBA to put her men to the test and the best man wins a date with NY. The guys fight so hard for this challenge that one of 'em ends up in the hospital. Later that night, NY proves that she's an equal opportunity lover and spreads her love to all the guys in the mansion. The next day, Sister Patterson almost causes a riot when she pits the guys against each other at lunch. After this tumultuous lunch, another guy is sent packing.