1. Date: 4/15/07

    It's the first ever I Love New York Reunion Show. All the guys are back (except the ones in jail, recovery, or therapy). New York and Sister Patterson will face the boys they dissed and the...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 4/2/07

    After the last elimination, New York tells her final 2 men to pack their bags because they're goin' to Mexico! Back in Hollywood, New York makes the most difficult decision of her life and...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 3/26/07

    It's time to recap all the best moments from this past season of I Love New York as well as some outrageous never before seen footage! From the competitive challenges to the drama filled...Read Full Summary

  4. Date: 3/19/07

    All 3 guys have met New York's mom, now it's her turn to meet theirs. The guys are very excited to be reunited with their mothers and they aren't affraid to show it. they do their...Read Full Summary

  5. Date: 3/12/07

    New York wants to get to know the guys better so she takes them on 2 separate overnight double dates to Palm Springs. At the end of each night, she chooses one special guy to join her in her room...Read Full Summary

  6. Date: 3/5/07

    New York decides to do a background check on the remaining 5 guys so she invites their ex-girlfriends to a day at the spa. While the guys sweat it out at the mansion, their ex's give NY and...Read Full Summary

  7. Date: 2/19/07

    New York tells the guys that they will be hosting a party for her girls while she goes shopping. The guys excitement turns to terror when ten screaming 11 year old girls run in the front door - and...Read Full Summary

  8. Date: 2/12/07

    New York is down to her "lucky 7" and wants to know which guys have skills on the court -- she's lookin for a baller. She invites her friend Tamara Moore from the WNBA to put her men...Read Full Summary

  9. Date: 1/29/07

    Chamo delivers a New York Note to the guys -- it says that NY wants a man that is good with his hands. The remaining 9 guys will break up into 3 teams of 3 and build dog houses for NY's...Read Full Summary

  10. Date: 1/22/07

    The remaining 12 guys start their day with the usual trash talking until Chamo delivers a "New York Note". The next challenge will test the guys on their earning potential -- NY likes to...Read Full Summary

  11. Date: 1/15/07

    The 15 guys will be competing in a male beauty pageant, a mangeant. With the help of 3 beauty queens, the guys get waxed and plucked and learn how to walk like real men. The winners will get dates...Read Full Summary

  12. Date: 1/8/07

    After getting her heart broken not once but twice, New York summons 20 single men to her mansion with the hope of finding true love. The guys think its one big party until New York's mom...Read Full Summary