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  1.   Episode 2 Bonus Clips

    See more bad behavior by the boys of New York 2 and other moments too hot for TV!

    Air Date: 10/15/07

  2.   Flowers from Fishburne Show Clips

    See what happens when New York learns the men have been keeping some pretty big secrets from her.

    Air Date: 10/15/07

Full Episode Summary

Now down to 15 men, New York invites the guys to a pond where they must prove their love by swimming to her and presenting her with a gift. The guys who make the best impressions will receive dates with New York. When the guys find out that one of their housemates is "re-gifting", they proceed to tell NY about it. In true New York fashion, she lets the poor guy have it. Will he be one of the three to be eliminated, or will he squirm his way out of the mouth of danger? Meanwhile, a huge controversy arises when one suitor intercepts another man's flowers for NY, and presents them as his own. The only thing better than the drama is his story of where the flowers came from.