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  1.   I Love New York | Episode 203 | Bonus Clips

    See bonus fight footage, hilarious after-show commentary and extended footage from Episode 3.

    Air Date: 10/22/07

  2.   I Love New York | Episode 203 | Highlights

    From pranks to fights, the guys are out of control this week. Watch the highlights to catch all the action!

    Air Date: 10/22/07

Full Episode Summary

With 12 guys left, some of the boys play a prank on a few of the "less popular" men that keeps them up all night. The sleep deprived few head into the days challenge a complete mess, but will the prank-ees have the last laugh at the end of the day? Wanting a man who can help build her financial empire, NY asks the boys to create a marketing plan to build her brand name. Some ideas are legitimate and professional and some are off the charts. Later, one of the guys from the winning team steals a private date with New York away from his teammate. The result is an angry house waiting for the back-stabber on his return. The following day, during a fashion photo shoot, someone gets down on his knees to impress New York, and shows her much more than his heart! New York may have to send home more than one man.