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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    From exes to old friends, there's tons you didn't get to see on TV! Watch these extras.

    Air Date: 11/19/07

  2.   I Still Have Loveā.¦ Show Clips

    Watch and see what happens when Chance and Real come back to grill New York's guys!

    Air Date: 11/19/07

Full Episode Summary

New York invites the remaining six guys' exes to the house and this time, there's a special twist involved. She's bringing two of HER exes, Chance and Real, to help dig up some dirt on her guys. The only problem is that feelings resurface when the old flame admits he still has serious feelings for New York. When her "new" guys catch wind of this, all hell breaks loose. NY must decide whether these new feelings are enough to tear her away from the guys who've been living in her house.