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  1.   I Love New York | Episode 208 | Bonus Clips

    Check out New York's alone time with the guys, the after-show and more in these hilarious bonus scenes!

    Air Date: 11/26/07

  2.   I Love New York | Episode 208 | Highlights

    New York takes the guys to couples' therapy to see who she's most compatible with. Watch the highlights!

    Air Date: 11/26/07

Full Episode Summary

With 5 guys left, New York wants to find out who's the most compatible with her and who's just plain crazy, when she takes the boys for a psych test. Things get tense, when it's revealed that one of the guys, who has been frustrating NY with mind games, may be using her to further his acting career. Her feelings for this person are thrown even more up in the air. After the test, the most compatible guy wins date with NY and discovers that three's a crowd at an exotic restaurant. The next day, New York brings her boys to see her therapist, renowned relationship author Dr. Allen, for a session of couple's counseling. Here NY discovers that the individual she secretly has the strongest emotions for, is the one who also has been frustrating her the most. NY is faced with a tough decision of who to send home.