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  1.   Episode 10 Bonus Clips

    See heartbroken confessionals, scheming Sister Patterson footage and the always-hilarious after-show commentary from Buckwild and 12 Pack.

    Air Date: 12/10/07

  2.   Miami Thrice Show Clips

    Watch these highlights what happens when New York brings her three men to Miami!

    Air Date: 12/10/07

Full Episode Summary

After the last elimination, New York tells her final three men to pack their bags because they're heading to Miami! Miami is a party city, but things quickly get serious when New York invites one man to spend some alone time in her beachfront villa room the first night leaving the other two shocked and angry. As New York spends quality time with each man, she starts to realize that two of these guys are totally devoted and in love with her while one is manipulative and hard to trust. At elimination New York must decide whether to listen to her mind or her heart and lets one man go.