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  1.   Reunion Bonus Clips

    There's tons of drama from the reunion you didn't see on T.V.. Watch this!

    Air Date: 1/06/08

  2.   Head Butts, Midget Mac and More!

    Check out some of crazy moments, kooky behavior and lots of fights from Tailor Made Vs. Buddha to Sister Patterson Vs. The Entertainer!

    Air Date: 1/02/08

  3.   Reunion Show Clips

    All your favorites are back to talk about this season with New York and Sister Paterson. Watch the highlights!

    Air Date: 1/06/08

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Full Episode Summary

It's reunion time and New York has gathered all of her men for 90 minutes of drama and blood shed. See what the guys are up to now and how New York and Tailor Made are doing since the show ended.