1. Date: 1/6/08

    It's reunion time and New York has gathered all of her men for 90 minutes of drama and blood shed. See what the guys are up to now and how New York and Tailor Made are doing since the show ended.

  2. Date: 12/17/07

    After a season of ups and downs and a tense elimination in Miami, it's down to New York's final two suitors. They accompany New York to the tropics of Jamaica for the final showdown!

  3. Date: 12/12/07

    After a season of ups and downs and a tense elimination in Miami, it's down to New York's final two suitors. Who will New York choose to be her man?

  4. Date: 12/10/07

    After the last elimination, New York tells her final three men to pack their bags because they're heading to Miami! As New York spends quality time with each man, she starts to realize that two...Read Full Summary

  5. Date: 12/3/07

    With only four guys left it's time to clean house, literally. New York has invited some special guests-- the guy's parents, so she gets her boys to scour and scrub her house for their...Read Full Summary

  6. Date: 11/26/07

    With 5 guys left, New York wants to find out who's the most compatible with her and who's just plain crazy, when she takes the boys for a psych test.

  7. Date: 11/19/07

    New York invites the remaining six guys' exes to the house and this time, there's a special twist involved. She's bringing two of HER exes, Chance and Real, to help dig up some dirt...Read Full Summary

  8. Date: 11/12/07

    New York surprises the guys with the return of one man. Another man is unhappy as his world is suddenly turned upside down and he literally fears for his life. Later, the guys compete in a cooking...Read Full Summary

  9. Date: 11/5/07

    After snitching, fighting, and spitting, and nearly getting eliminated, one man is the house enemy and anxiously waits for an opportunity to redeem himself.

  10. Date: 10/29/07

    New York has barely wiped the morning out of her eyes when a fight breaks out between two of her boys. Although NY can be a tolerant person, violence is non-negotiable and she is faced with the...Read Full Summary

  11. Date: 10/22/07

    With 12 guys left, some of the boys play a prank on a few of the "less popular" men that keeps them up all night. The sleep deprived few head into the days challenge a complete mess, but...Read Full Summary

  12. Date: 10/15/07

    Now down to 15 men, New York invites the guys to a pond where they must prove their love by swimming to her and presenting her with a gift. The guys who make the best impressions will receive dates...Read Full Summary

  13. Date: 10/8/07

    New York has been unlucky in love. First, she was dumped by Flavor Flav...twice. And then she was dumped by her fiancé Tango in the "I Love New York" reunion show. Now, America's...Read Full Summary

  14. Date: 10/1/07

    Get a first look at the new batch of men who will be competing for New York's heart in the brand new season of I Love New York 2!