Full Episode Summary

So you thought the 70s were groovy the first time? Well dust off your tie-dyes and try not to crap your miniskirt because the 70s are back. It's time to revisit the year that started it all. Welcome to I Love the 70s: Volume II ... this is 1970 all over again.

1970 flicks saw free loving hippies relive their Woodstock experience in the soft-core porn documentary Woodstock. George Kennedy busted heads while Dean Martin joined the mile high club in the original disaster film, Airport. Chuck Heston loved those damn dirty apes so much he stayed for the sequel Beneath the Planet of the Apes. And George C. Scott channeled the spirit of General Patton while slapping a cowardly soldier silly.

But if 8-tracks are more your scene, 1970 had some of the hippest tunes. Jimi Hendrix was tripping out on his guitar while Freda Payne was left with just a Band of Gold. Hailing from San Francisco never stopped the CCR gang from singing about the bayou. Norman Greenbaum dismissed his Jewish roots and wrote the Christian rock anthem Spirit in the Sky. And Three Dog Night's Chuck Negron made so much whoopee, his penis actually exploded. Mama Told Him Not to Come and he should've listened!

But wait ... there's even more!!!

Flip Wilson kept it real on his variety show, while Lawrence Welk barely kept you awake on his. The L.A. coppers from Adam 12 shared some cozy moments in their squad car while the Hawaii 50 fellas cracked the case of the missing lei. And that groovy man's man known as Orville Redenbacher revolutionized popcorn and made suspenders cool again.

So hop in your low riding Gremlin, flip on Casey Kasem's American Top 40, and don't forget to Have a Nice Day -- because there's plenty more where these came from ... this is I LOVE THE 70S: VOLUME II -- 1970.