Full Episode Summary

I need a remember the 70s, that is! Well, you definitely might if you spent them touring with the Grateful Dead. Luckily, we're here to give you a refresher course in all things 1971! It's a year that saw the death of one of the great American poets, Jim Morrison, and birth of the greatest running shoe ever created.

Brian's Song got men in touch with their sensitive side-- by disguising a tear jerker as a football movie!

Of course, listening to Gordon Lightfoot didn't help either. And frankly, neither did playing the flute. We're talking to you, Jethro Tull! Not to worry though, a few minutes with the most bad-ass, Kung-Fu fighting Native American ever, Billy Jack, will help you get your manhood back. Just pray you don't have a run in with certain cop named Popeye Doyle.

1971 had some stuff for the women, too. With the introduction of Malibu Barbie, there was now a doll that represented the women of Malibu, and it was about damn time! Harold and Maude gave septuagenarian women everywhere hope that they too could score a young hottie, you just had to know where to look.

Stars were everywhere on TV in '71. Dick Cavett scored the biggest names in film, tv, books, and music while Hollywood Squares packed celebrities one on top of another. Rat packer Dean Martin said goodbye to Vegas and hello to that 70's TV staple, the variety show! Who would have thought?

No matter what happened in '71, at least your hair was lookin' fine thanks to that Supercomb you kept in the back pocket of your Sears Toughskins. So sit back, get a pot of fondue and pop one of those K-tel classics in your 8-track and enjoy I Love 1971, Volume II.