Full Episode Summary

It's no mystery that 1972 was a memorable year, but that didn't stop Columbo from scratching his head. So groove to The Allman Brothers and take a bite out of that Nerf Football, 'cuz I'm OK, You're OK, and we all love 1972... again.

Asian pandas Hsing Hsing & Ling Ling agree, '72 was a bad year for communism; thanks to tricky Dick Nixon's fact finding China mission, and Bobby Fisher's checkmate over the brilliant Russian Ivan Spassky.

Singer/songwriters Carly Simon and James Taylor made music together in holy matrimony, while painted rockers Gary Glitter and Alice Cooper were separated by the Atlantic.

America began to question its leaders in the aftermath of Watergate, and yet Superfly just kept trying to get over, no matter how much the man pushed him down.

Did ya feel like attacking windmills Man of La Mancha? You could have used a little time with TV's favorite psychologist on The Bob Newhart Show. Or if laughter is the best medicine, Richard Pryor was your doctor feel-good.

The Miami Dolphins proved an NFL team could go undefeated, while the Goodyear Blimp debuted to give us an overhead view of the action.

Sexual ambiguity landed on the small screen thanks to The Paul Lynde Show, and movie goers were getting a foul taste of Pink Flamingos.

Women finally had their own poster boy to drool over in Billy Dee Williams, while men were getting challenged at their own game courtesy of Maude. But we all found out a little too much about Chuck Berry when he sang 'My Ding-A-Ling.'

And if you're still wondering what made '72 so special, don't forget we learned Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask. Stay tuned for I Love 1972, again.