Full Episode Summary

The password is 1973! It's time to go back to a time before Harrison Ford became Han Solo and George Lucas was making movies without special effects. That's right, American Graffiti was directed by George Lucas! I know it sounds crazy but let's just take a little trip back in time and see and what made 1973 so solid.

Our trip starts in beautiful Hawaii, where we'll see Elvis say Aloha to a billion people. Next, we're off to cruise The Streets of San Francisco to really see Why Homosexuality Is Not Considered A Mental Disorder. Tired yet? We've only just begun our journey. Next stop, Westworld! I just hope you're ready to fight a gun slinging robot.

Getting back to the USA, we'll finally get to the bottom of who's responsible for The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia. Don't trust your soul to no backwoods southern lawyer! In fact, get the hell out of the south, and to the serenity of the Rocky Mountains and the sweet sound of John Denver. Of course, no trip is complete without a stop off at the track to watch Secreteriat win the Triple Crown.

Wow! This trip is so blank, you'll wish it would never end! (Even Match Game's Richard Dawson couldn't get that one).

But 1973 wasn't all one big vacation. Tatum O'Neal was the hardest working nine year old in the business, winning an Oscar for her performance in Paper Moon. And as for the adults, Steve McQueen ruled 1973, but a more unlikely celebrity emerged too. Holy crap, it's Jesus Christ, and he was a Superstar!

So what are we waiting for, Let's Get It On! Pack a bag! And ladies--don't forget your Charlie. Grab a glass of Nestle Quik and let the Grand Funk Railroad take you for a ride back to the best year of the 70's... Welcome to 1973