Full Episode Summary

Welcome to 1974--a year so chocked full of golden nuggets we had to bring you a Volume 2....Who can turn the world on with her Smile? Mary Tyler Moore showed us that a cute, single TV news producer with impeccable fashion sense sure could. Meanwhile dreamy Burt Reynolds turned the world on with his mustache and Mikhail Baryshnikov turned his back on the Soviet Union as he plied to freedom by way of defection to Canada.

And while you were turning round and round on your brand new Sit N Spin, Curly McNeal, Meadowlark Lemon and the rest of the Harlem Globetotters spun red white and blue balls round and round on their fingertips.

Speaking of balls, Sonny Chiba took on the mean streets proving that he really had some while Hank Aaron proved he sure could hit one when he broke Babe Ruth's home-run record!

You're nothing to me now...not a brother not a friend....

Of course we wouldn't dare give you a second installment of I Love 1974 without including the second installment of the Godfather Trilogy. In this movie the ever ruthless Michael Corlione officially sells his soul when he has his brother Fredo off'd...hey its just business.

Charleton Heston is the hero of day when the city of Los Angles is left in ruins in Earthquake...this blockbuster left audiences shaking in their seats...literally thanks to the new technology of sense around effects.

In 1974 we could all thank German esophagus Dr. Heimlich for the introduction of his very useful anti-choking maneuver--saving the lives of countless Americans who eat too fast.

It seemed like Americans weren't just eating to fast, they were driving to fast. Perhaps that's why the US Government installed a nationwide speed limit of 55 MPH. The Man can be so oppressive! Just ask Chico.....

Lookin Good...

When you're done thanking the Germans for the Heimleich, you may wanna send some thanks to 1974, they brought us gift of the String Bikini! What could be better than a string bikini? How about a rhinestone-studded string bikini? 1974 gave us the opportunity to create one with the invention of the ever-so-useful Bedazzler.

So bust out your Bedazzler, crank up ELO and Lind Ronstadt, fluff up your chest hair and hop aboard the Midnight Train To Georgia, cause 1974's gonna be one groovy ride....again!