Full Episode Summary

Let's do the time warp's I love 1975 Volume 2. Smack in the middle of the disco decade, 1975 was a year to remember. It was the year you got your first skateboard, the year you begged Mom to let you shave your legs or better yet Nair them...and speaking of was also the year that Joe Namath showed his off to the world in Beautymist Pantyhose.

You and the family were took the new Pacer out for a spin on Thunder Road, M.A.S.H. put a fun spin on war, S.W.A.T put a groovy spin on police brutality and Mary Tyler Moore's tough talking New Yorker neighbor left Minneapolis to star in Rhoda, the spin-off de jour.

Kill Clouseau!

High jinks ensued when Peter Sellers was back on the case in Return of the Pink Panther as the lovable inept Inspector Clouseau. A deadly storm left the Swiss Family Robinson marooned on a deserted island, but they proved that living in a tree house had it's perks. Meanwhile, Warren Beatty proved that being a heterosexual hairdresser had it's perks in Shampoo. Blow job, anyone?

Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi C 'Est Soir....

Kids who didn't know a word of French nor had learned the birds and the bees yet were singing Patti Labelle's sexy hit "Lady Marmalade," Jersey fans rejoiced as Springsteen belted out Thunder Road....hey what exit is that? And we all wondered was Joe Cocker really paying you a compliment with You are so Beautiful...TO ME!

Attica, Attica

1975 was a year that proved anything can happen--Al Pacino played a gay bank robber in Dog Day Afternoon, Jimmy Hoffa vanished into thin air and The Curse of the Bambino continued when the Big Red Machine put the kibosh on the Red Sox winning the World Series...Ah someday!

So hurry up and get in your pacer, hop on your skateboard or do the Hustle on down cause we're going back in time....this is 1975 Volume 2! Can you dig it?