Full Episode Summary

If you thought 1977 was dy-no-mite the first time around, kick back and grab yourself a Billy Beer because we're back. This is I Love the 70s: Volume II.

The flicks of 1977 were the guiltiest of pleasures. Water was the scariest element in both The Deep and Orca the Killer Whale. Boys became men when Jacqueline Bissett donned her soaking wet t-shirt. And, there was no shortage of eye candy in Pumping Iron. Arnold Schwarzenegger and company oiled up and flexed their way through the Mr. Universe pageant in the most memorable documentary of the decade. And who could forget the belch-and-fart humor of Kentucky Fried Movie - the precursor to the Airplane films.

But, if you really wanted to get down and dirty, you could visit Plato's Retreat, New York's grooviest sex club that offered a bit more than your average disco. You may have seen Ted Nugent there. The Nuge was infamous for getting legal guardianship of an underage girl so he could get some "Cat Scratch Fever" on the up and up. In 1977, Leif Garrett was "Made For Dancing," as he glossed the covers of every teen magazine, and Meatloaf was the first porky front man to resemble his name.

Television in 1977 was one big mystery. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew weren't your average teenagers, but still managed to look cute as they solved the unsolvable. Who can beat that? Quincy can! Jack Klugman left his Odd Couple days behind him to play the shrewdest medical examiner out there. And boy, did the ladies love him! If crime's not your thing, just flip to Joker's Wild, the game show for the compulsive gambler in all of us. Just pray to Oh God! as you spin against the devil.

There you have it. So dig out those platform shoes, whip out that joint you've been saving and get ready for pop-culture overdrive, seventies style. Did you finish your Billy Beer already? Well, grab another.... this is I LOVE THE 70S: VOLUME II -- 1970.