Full Episode Summary

Feel yourself drifting aimlessly through space like the Battlestar Galactica? Yearning for the days when you saw a feathered hair-doo from behind, and couldn't tell if it was Kristy McNichol or Andy Gibb? Well hang on to your Charmin Mr. Whipple, 'cuz it's all coming back as I Love 1978... again.

We were glued to the set as After School Specials kept us from playing outside, and the hand-held electronic game Merlin kept us from playing with anybody.

There was that first taste of chemical terror at the Love Canal, while Dawn of the Dead had us spitting out our popcorn.

We learned that jumping up and down wasn't just an exercise, it was a dance craze called the Pogo.

Cheryl Tiegs in a mesh bikini was enough to get us all hot, and Ice Castles proved that love could also be served on the rocks.

Garfield knocked back his first lasagna just as Leon Spinks was knocking Ali back to Muhammad.

We learned of Asian knives called Ginsu that could carve through a boot and still slice a tomato, but they still couldn't cut us up like Wojo and the guys on Barney Miller.

The music scene turned upside down as Blondie made pop from punk, Billy Joel turned stadiums into piano bars, and Devo... well we're still not sure what Devo was up to, but we know they were ahead of their time.

Dr. Who and his tardis whisked us off to galaxies unknown. And we all needed a little escape after the Midnight Express took us inside a Turkish prison.

Passions ran high as Roman Polanski fled to Europe after romancing a child, and Sid Vicious earned his last name after allegedly taking a blade to his girlfriend.

So keep your eyes on the screen and cling to the past. Sure you're getting a little older, but Heaven Can Wait. This is I Love 1978, again.