Full Episode Summary

Welcome to 1979, the very last year in our decade long odyssey to escape the shadow of the 1960's, and a very bizarre year in pop culture it was to say the least just listen to any Frank Zappa record and you'll see what we mean. While Disco Records burned in Chicago, the Devil chose Amityville Long Island and Georgia as his hot spots. The devil wasn't the only one keeping busy in the Georgia as the B-52's exploded onto the scene with a Rock Lobster.

Did somebody say exploded? Well, don't mention that word around the folks at 3 Mile Island who narrowly avoided a major nuclear meltdown. Maybe if they would have seen The China Syndrome 2 weeks earlier this whole mess could've been avoided. But hey look on the bright side, it gave Bruce Springsteen a chance to get some of his best pals together for a common cause.

While the Boss brought his Rock 'N' Roll message to Madison Square Garden, The Ramones took theirs to the hallowed halls of Rock 'n' Roll High School, not to be confused with Carver High, where Coach Ken "White Shadow" Reeves was busy turning a bunch of rag tag misfits into the best basketball team they could be. Hey, maybe someday we'll see Coolidge on ESPN's plays of the week, provided they ever get to showing real sports instead of showing all of those tractor pulls and curling competitions. I mean can billiards really be considered a sport?

Wait, don't answer that just yet. 1979 gave us other more important questions to ponder. For instance, Joe Jackson asked "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" and just about every other American asked the question, "What the hell is Citizen Kane doing selling cheap wine?".

1979 also had its fair share of love affairs. Women all over the United States were being seduced by Gregory Harrison as Dr. Gonzo Gates on Trapper John M.D. while simultaneously beginning their love affair with the Diet Soda Tab. It's important to keep tabs on your weight just in case you ever happen to meet Gregory Harrison in person. That wasn't the only love affair that began in 1979, just about everyone on the sitcom Soap was sleeping around. And plenty of Children across the country started their love affair with fast food as they begged their parents for that 1st Mcdonald's happy meal.

Clint Eastwood had anything but a love affair with Alcatraz, so he decided to get out. Which is what 1979 was all about, getting out of the 70's alive and hopefully making it on a life raft to that little island off the coast of California we called the 1980's.