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  1.   I Love The 80s: 3-D Greatest Hits

    Check out highlights from this year's show including exclusive comic rants.

    Air Date: 12/28/05

  2.   Return Of The I Love The 80s: 3-D Screening Party

    Check out wacky backstage hijinx from the party. Rich Eisen, Hal Sparks, Loni Love, and Godfrey and more.

    Air Date: 10/31/05

  3.   I Love The 80s: 3-D Screening Party

    See host Aamer Haleem yuck it up with comics Rich Eisen, Hal Sparks, Loni Love, and Godfrey.

    Air Date: 10/26/05

  4.   I Love The 80s 3-D Rants: Godfrey

    Hear the comedians views on un-PC 80s icons Jimmy the Greek and ethnic-Barbies.

    Air Date: 10/17/05

  5.   I Love The 80s 3-D Rants: Patrice O'Neal

    Watch the comic get heated over Quest For Fire and Dr. Ruth.

    Air Date: 10/17/05

  6.   I Love The 80s 3-D Rants: Michael Ian Black

    See the comic riff on all things 80s, from Band Aid to bad board games and share his murder secrets.

    Air Date: 10/11/05

  7.   I Love The 80s 3-D Rants: The Modern Humorist

    See comedy's dynamic duo commit unspeakable acts with 80s toys and sully your childhood memories.

    Air Date: 10/11/05

Full Episode Summary

VH1's: I Love The 80s blasts into your living room, this time 3-D STYLE! Enjoy break out hits like Christopher Cross's "Sailing", Gary Numan's "Cars" as well as the thunder of AC/DC's smash album "Back In Black". But let's not forget about J. Geil's "Love Stinks"! No one ever said love was easy.

1980 really packed a PUNCH.

From Robert Deniro's portrayal of fierce boxer Jake La Motta in Raging Bull to Ricky Linderman defending little Clifford Peach in My Bodyguard to Robin Wiliams fighting his nemesis Bluto in Popeye. Don't forget about the big rubber octopus!

The year also had a kind and gentler side with characters like John Merrick in The Elephant Man and 2 Little Darlings battling it out for losing their virginity supremacy.

But let's not forget about the kids dancing on the lunch tables in the big screen hit Fame as well as Neil Diamond in The Jazz Singer. "We're coming to America, TODAY!"

Turning to the small screen, Buck Rodgers blasted into our living rooms with the sci-fi hit Buck Rogers and the 25th Century. Erin Grey never looked so sexy..Beedie Beedie!

Turning to the news, 1980 gave us some of the BIGGEST stories of the decade.

From Paul McCartney getting arrested and sent to a Japanese prison to Richard Prying burning himself freebasing...drugs never seemed so fun!

1980 also gave us some of the most memorable food and beverages of the decade.

From the wacky and yummy Fruit roll ups to singing the famous jingle "I'm a Pepper, you're a Pepper." with Dr. Pepper to taking the mysterious Pepsi Challenge. What did you choose? Food was never so FUN!

As for the kids, they sure had their hands full in 80.

For the future designers of the world came a handy toy called Fashion Plates and we also finally saw some great new Black and Hispanic Barbie dolls. About damn time! With real arcade like graphics, Intellivision kicked rival Atari for the top spot in the video game world. Love that Baseball!

And when we wanted to cheer, we turned to boxing ring with legendary fighter Sugar Ray Leonard, who gave us thrills and chills with his captivating speed and finesse.

So slap those Post Its on and lets go SAILING on the "SS-VH1". This is 1980!