Full Episode Summary

You think you've had enough of the 80's? Gimme a Break!!! We're just revving into high gear and bringing things straight into your living room 3-D style - hold on to your seats for I Love the 80s 3-D: 1981.

Mel Brooks made learning fun with his brief and completely accurate History of the World, but he forgot to mention anything about the American Werewolf in London.

But nothing was more compelling than that group of British guys running along the beach in their skivvies in Chariots of Fire. Things were burning up on the big screen when William Hurt did the freaky-deeky with Kathleen Turner in Body Heat.

Sibling rivalry reached an all time high when Barbara Mandrell & the Mandrell Sisters battled each other and a group of wacky puppets on their hit country variety show.

The kids from You Can't Do That on Television got drenched in green slime whenever they said, "I don't know," and chicks caked in mud slapped each other silly in the wrestling ring for no apparent reason.

Celebrities could show their lion taming abilities and just how well they could walk that Hollywood tight rope on Circus of the Stars.

Juice Newton and The Oak Ridge Boys brought country to the pop charts, REO Speedwagon vowed to "Keep on Loving You" even if you planned to "Take It on the Run", .38 Special decided to "Hold on Loosely" and Loverboy was "Working for the Weekend" in some hot red headbands.

Some spare change could make your penny racer do some sweet wheelies. The pen overruled the pencil when Erasermates hit the market. And a thirty pound portable computer kept you on the move and in killer shape.

Plus, get ready for the attack of those pesky med-flies - oh my!

What more could you possibly ask for? It's jam packed and coming at you...3-D style. This is. I Love the 80s 3-D - 1981.