Full Episode Summary

Ripley asks you to believe it or not: I Love the 80s 3-D: 1982 will astound and amaze you and make you fall off your chair with laughter - believe it!! In 1982, kids and adults flocked to the mall to slurp on Orange Juliuses, hang out at the arcade and nosh at the food court. Julie Andrews taught us in Victor/Victoria that a woman can pass for a man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a-oh forget it, who can keep track?

In 1982, Walt Disney helped us keep our science straight and bored kids to tears with his brand new EPCOT Center, the "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow." And speaking of stunning new scientific achievements, the awesome technology behind Freezy Freakies made them the only gloves to wear. Meanwhile, someone in Chicago was tampering with cyanide in those Tylenol capsules-and the cops never caught the guy!

Over in New York, Cats was taking on Broadway "Memory...all alone in the moonlight!" And across the pond, Human League asked us "Don't you Want Me?" Yeah, sure we want you, but not as much as Bow Wow Wow wanted candy.

1982 did not disappoint at the movies! Tron brought us the coolest special effects since Star Wars, First Blood showed us that a small-town cop should never mess with a crazy Vietnam vet, and Quest for Fire taught us that you don't even have to have coherent human dialogue to make a good movie! And who could forget Rae Dawn Chong slathered in mud and wearing not much else? But if you couldn't get to the movie theater, never fear - 1982 ushered in the rise of the VCR so you could finally watch movies in the comfort of your own home!

So put on your favorite headband and mesh top, hop on your rad BMX bike and join us for a time when Toto was crooning about Rosanna. Arquette, that is. Pay close attention to everything you learn in case Dick Clark grills you on The New $25,000 Pyramid!