Full Episode Summary

You've landed on 1983. The year that has it all and everyone's a winner! ZZ Top's videos made teen boys' dreams come true. And long before American Idol, kids embarrassed themselves on Star Search.

A fake shark literally leapt off the screen and scared the s**t out of...well okay - no one. While, Quiet Riot proved that mental illness and musical acuity are not mutually exclusive.

Levar Burton showed that reading on TV is not an oxymoron. Truly Tasteless Joke Books brought dead babies some overdue recognition. And the Jheri Curl saw the birth of a new brand of comedy.

Michael Keaton became Mr. Mom. And, moviegoers everywhere wept like a baby to Terms Of Endearment.

Jesse Jackson became a contender. And Mr. T proved that a cab driving bad ass could have a soft side.

It's 1983, and it's a dream come true! And, NOOOOO...not the kind that comes from an autistic child and his snowglobe!

So, Bang Your Head - "Cause Every Girls Crazy About A Sharp Dressed Man."

This is I Love The 80s 3D: 1983!