Full Episode Summary

Welcome to 1984. The year of the Penis. No, seriously ask Dr. Ruth - she explained everything your were afraid to ask about sex, sex, sex. 1984 lit up the big screen with Michael Douglas exuding his sex appeal as he romanced Kathleen turner over a lame stone, psychotic kids in the cornfields of Gaitlin, Nebraska reeked havoc on all the adults, while Peta went psychotic on all the little old ladies and models wearing Fur. Geez, it's tough being rich and beautiful.

1984 introduced us to the finer things in life as well-good ole' classical music with it's founding father Amadeus - who knew he was a bit of a freak! Bob Geldolf showed us how charitable British rock stars were and Murray Head broadened our horizons, Bangkok- the Oriental City!

84's favorite TV hosts, Dick & Ed showed how fun it was to play jokes on celebrities while the frugal gourmet showed us how to whip up a ham sandwich for a dollar! Now that's educational TV.

So lace up your designer shoe laces, add a little more mousse to your bangs, check the time on your calculator watch because the show is about to begin!