Full Episode Summary

In 1985 music really hit a high water mark. The mid eighties were all about Phil Collins and with No Jacket Required, the cup runneth over with Phil and more Phil. And who can forget Starship. They taught us how to rebuild our crumbling cities with rock n' roll, while Jagger and Bowie shook their buns for famine relief with a remake of "Dancin' in the Streets." Their chemistry was so intense it's almost uncomfortable to watch. You'll see.

In '85 Weird Al's song parodies were the sincerest form of flattery. At least that's what he told the artists.

If Mr. Mister's "Broken Wings" doesn't bring a tear to your eye, then maybe Sally Field's unforgettable Oscar acceptance speech will. Don't worry Sally, we like you, we really like you!

At the movies, we flocked to see the comic genius of Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd who played bumbling spies on a mission to save the world in Spies Like Us. While, Sylvester Stallone returned with Rocky IV to fight his toughest opponent yet: mother Russia. Gee, I wonder who won?

Also in '85, Matthew Modine bravely sported a singlet in the wrestling flick Vision Quest and Richard Pryor taught us how to spend $30 million in 30 days with Brewsters Millions. In Legend of Billie Jean, teen-sation, Helen Slater showed us how to stand up for our rights and look good doing it.

Speaking of vigilantes, 1985 was also the year that New York subway rider Bernard Goetz inspired all of us to take a more proactive approach to living, even if it meant arming ourselves to the teeth.

On the tube, we couldn't get enough of the Phil Donahue and all that provocative chat. And who could forget when Joe Theisman broke his legs on Monday Night Football. Missed the instant replay? No worries. They showed it over and over again and so will we.

If 1985 seemed unusually warm, we can thank the hole in the ozone layer for that. So in other words, perfect tanning weather.

In the fad department, people went totally nuts for Reebok. But we also embraced the latest in hi-tech: Lee Press-On Nails. We were obsessed with Obsession perfume and the wacky, spoof-worthy ad campaign that went with it. And finally little boys finally got the toy they've always dreamed about in, a doll called My Buddy.

So put down your man-doll and don't forget, we like you, we really like you. This is 1985!