Full Episode Summary

The liveliest year of the decade is back once again (and in 3-D!) to scratch your deepest pop culture itch. Three fake cowboys saved a Mexican village and taught us a valuable lesson about overcoming our own "El Guapos". A snuggly teddy bear wouldn't shut up about his favorite fabric softener. A class of overachievers proved you can be smart and cool on Head Of The Class. Jermaine Stewart showed us that real fun isn't about getting laid, just a little dancing and cherry wine?

Chuck Woolery tried his hand at match making. And, Steve Guttenberg beat out a robot for the affections of Ally Sheedy.

Colonel Khadafi laid the groundwork for future generations of "evil doers."

Rodney went back to school and Heart came back better and BIGGER than ever.

Kids played with 'mad balls'. And senior citizens got their own action hero in "The lovely Jessica Landsbury".

Haley's comet finally returned. While, Cruise and Newman displayed the color of money.

Welcome to 1986. Is it Live or is it Memorex? Who cares?! It's time for I Love the 80's 3D! And, this is 1986!