Full Episode Summary

When the Moon hit's your eye like a big piece of pie that's 1987!! What a year! We found out Cher could act and Baby Jessica fell into a well, wait, isn't that a nursery rhyme? Spencer got a little help from a man of few words, Hawk. While good 'ole Matlock single handedly wrapped up court cases with his favorite suit and a smile. Oral Roberts was saved in 1987...from the grim reaper...oh wait, wasn't it God?

Riggs & Murtaugh blew up downtown LA, Danny Devito & Billy Crystal encouraged us to "kill" your mom if she bugged you and Andrew McCarthy made out with a mannequin-that was actually a real woman.

Two Governors were spawned thanks to Predator, Billy Idol brought us "Mony, Mony" or the more popular "get laid, get f@#$d" ...don't you just love a catchy tune? So, don't hate 87 because it's beautiful - you can be a part of it too. Lace up your bolo tie and throw a chicken in the microwave - it's time to engage - 1987 has arrived!!