Full Episode Summary

Aruba, Jamaica, oooh I wanna take ya to all the way back to 1988! When Kokomo ruled the charts and Tom Cruise was flipping and twisting those bottles to make the coolest Cocktail in the islands! When Buster Poindexter just wanted to make us "hot, hot, hot" and Lita Ford was begging her man to "Kiss Me Deadly"!

1988 saw more than one bad hair trend: rat-tails were all the rage. Let's hear it for the thin, scraggly piece of hair growing out of the back of your neck! If that wasn't your bag, in 1988, you could finally get your pasty butt to the tanning salon and achieve that lovely orange glow! And make sure you stay up to catch It's Garry Shandling's Show. It'll be sure to put you in a great mood!

In 1988, Micro machines were the coolest car toy going! And who can forget that crazy fast-talking guy from the commercials? Mike Tyson's Punch Out was all the rage and in Midnight Run, Robert DeNiro spent more time in a car with Charles Grodin than he ever imagined, just because he was afraid to fly ... or was he?

But the big screen's unlikeliest pair in '88 was without a doubt Schwarzenegger and DeVito in Twins! Who knew genetics could go so wrong? But we were just trying to comprehend what Cher saw in bagel boy Rob Camilletti! Cher and her much-younger beau provided great tabloid fodder in '88 and she even put him her video for "I Found Someone."

TV's Unsolved Mysteries kept couch potatoes guessing and tried to turn them into mystery solvers. But real homebodies were calling into party lines, talking endlessly to perfect strangers all over the country and racking up huge phone bills. Naked Gun took dumb comedy to new heights with everyone's favorite straight man, Leslie Nielsen.

And while Rod Stewart pleaded with us to stay "Forever Young," we were just trying to figure out who was more offensive in '88-Morton Downey Jr. or Jimmy the Greek? Downey was blowing smoke into people's faces on his talk show but Jimmy the Greek was making racial slurs about decide!